Book review policy

I am more than happy to read and review your book!

I currently accept books from most of the genres: contemporary fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, science-fiction, crime and thriller, poetry, nonfiction (with focus on memoir and science). I do like topics regarding love, identity and social injustice, and that’s what I focus on in the stories. However, I do not accept chick-lit and young adult books.

I do believe that there is something good about every book in the world. That’s why I will always highlight advantages of a book in my reviews. I never post a review of a book that I disliked or hated (or rated it 1 star, though “star rating” is just a personal preference of mine, I much rather focus on what I have to say about a book). If, for some reason, I absolutely didn’t like the book, I’ll make sure to contact the publisher and talk about the book personally.

Please bear in my mind that due to personal commitments, I don’t post my reviews very often. I’ll always make sure to post a review of a book, but sometimes it may take some time. Reading and blogging are just very time-consuming activities for me 😉

I prefer paperbacks and e-books. I can consider hardbacks on case to case basis, but I currently don’t accept audiobooks. Me and audiobooks just don’t get along.

Thank you for stopping by, and you can contact me here!

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