About me

My name is Aleksandra, I’m 22 year old girl who loves a pinch of photography, loads of exploring, and a great deal of good books!

I’m currently studying English Language and German at a university. Language and books have always been my biggest passion and I am very happy that I can do what I love the most in my life. When I’m not reading, you can probably find me daydreaming, watching interesting films and series on Netflix, doing yoga, or exploring yet another waterfall in the depths of Welsh mountains.

I love it when books take me to different places and times on Earth, and explore such topics as love, identity, culture and social injustice. I don’t limit myself to one particular genre, but my absolute favourites are contemporary fiction, classics, historical fiction and science-fiction. But I don’t mind a good thriller from time to time!

I started this blog as a casual getaway from the busy world we all live in and as a place for myself to sort out my thoughts; I also wanted to create something that my friends and visitors would enjoy. So everything you can see here is little me trying my best!

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