Book Review: Like Streams to the Ocean by Jedidiah Jenkins

I’m coming back with another review, this time it’s Jedidiah Jenkins’s Like Streams to the Ocean: Notes on Ego, Love, and the Things That Make Us Who We Are. The book captured my interest when I was looking for something more inspirational to read, and so there we are! Do you want to know what I thought of it?

I wonder how much of who we are comes down to doing what we know we’re good at, and avoiding what makes us feel small.

Jedidiah Jenkins, Like Streams to the Ocean

In this collection of essays, the author talks about things that are of great importance to us and that shape our entire lives, like family, friendships, love. The book is divided into eight sections: Ego, Family, Home, Friendship, Love, Work, Death, and The Soul, and each of them gives us a different perspective on each of these aspects.

Like Streams to the Ocean is an easy and inspirational read. Jedidiah Jenkins speaks about all those things in our lives with a very heart-warming and non-judgemental attitude, and gives a lot of interesting tips and pieces of advice on how to make our lives worthwhile. I think the best word that can describe this book is sweet. Jedidiah Jenkins’ writing is very sweet and hopeful, and this is what I liked the most about this book! I loved the parts about family and home the most and how the author talked about these topics – I think they really resonated with me and I could understand them a lot (I didn’t really found the part about work that interesting for example, simply because I couldn’t really relate to it!). In terms of content, the book definitely offers modern and interesting outlook on life and this is the biggest advantage of it. In terms of writing, as I mentioned above, it is inspirational, sweet and warm, and makes the book a

On the other hand though, I feel like this books has been too sweet and too hopeful at times as well. It is one of those books that carries a very universal message – look for happines in your life, get to know yourself, don’t be like others, and sadly, this universal knowledge blends into one big stream of thoughts at some point during reading. Like Streams to the Ocean isn’t something new nor innovative, it is simply the author’s thoughts and opinions on a lot of matters regarding our lives. Which is great really! But I think I’ve read too many books like that in my life already and this one didn’t change my personal opinions on anything, nor did it make a big impression on me.

For some of us, it’s like we’re all born with a mysterious mission, something that bugs us from day one. Mine has been a love for the natural world.

Jedidiah Jenkins, Like Streams to the Ocean

Like Streams to the Ocean was an easy and pleasant read to me! I wouldn’t call it a life-changer, but it has definitely brought some warm into my reading days, and even though I am most probably not going to remember it for a very long time, it was worth giving a shot and recommend it for those of you who are looking for something lighter and more inspirational to read!


Rating: 3 out of 5.

I have been given a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions here are my own.

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