My Best Books of 2020

Happy New Year everyone! Let’s hope 2021 will be much much better than this awfully long 2020 and we’ll be finally free of all unfortunate events! ❤️

My list of best books I read this year is pretty long – it includes 8 titles. It wasn’t the best year in terms of my reading choices. I read a few books that I didn’t like at all (and since I never leave books unfinished, I had to carry on with them), I started reviewing books (which obviously led to some dissapointments), I re-read Harry Potter series (which consumed a lot of my time), and I generally didn’t pick the books I wanted to read. I hope my attitude towards books will change this year and I’ll be more thoughtful in terms of what I choose!

So, my best books of 2020 include:

Hope you all have a wonderful 1st of January and I’m wishing you the best reading year in your life!

7 thoughts on “My Best Books of 2020

  1. I am quite happy to see Sophie’s World on the list. I read it as a child – it was the book which sparked my interest in philosophy. A reread of 1984 is on the agenda for 2021, I am glad you enjoyed it as well. Happy New Year, hope you will have more luck with your book choices in the year to come!

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  2. I am definitely adding Language: The Cultural Tool to my TBR, so thanks for giving that book a shout-out here! I hope 2021 is a good reading year for you, and that you find lots of books you actually want to read 😀

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