Book Review: Greek Mythology: Gods and Heroes Brought to Life by Robert Garland

Robert Garland’s book found me at the right place and at the right time. I’ve had Greek mythology on my mind for some time and I really wanted to come back to the famous myths, preferably in a different setting than Percy Jackson’s stories 😉 Luckily enough, I’ve been granted this book for a review, so here it comes! What did I think of Greek Mythology: Gods and Heroes Brought to Life?

The book offers various retellings of classic Greek myths. The stories are told from gods or heroes’ perspective, each of them presenting the story in a very personal, straightforward and honest way. On one hand, we have famous gods such as Zeus, Hera or Apollo; on the other, there are also, for example, Orion, Orestes or Telemachus telling their own and unique stories.

The books was a really quick and pleasant read. The stories are short, yet detailed and interesting, and we have a variety of different perspectives included in the book so that the myths are truly retold in almost every possible way. It’s a fantastic choice to present the gods and heroes’ lives from a first-person perspective. Giving the characters their own voice and style was a really intriguing way for the Greek myths to be retold!

The language in the book is extremely… colloquial and honest. If you’re familiar with Greek myths, you’ll know how common infidelity, incest, violence and death was among Greek gods and heroes. Most of the classic Greek myths are, however, pretty dull in the way they describe such things. In the book, the author doesn’t spare us any details about the characters lives, and I mean it honestly. Most of the time I found it extremely funny – nowadays, the Greek morality would cause a rather massive backlash, but in the book, everything just seems so normal, including murdering your uncle and serving him in a stew. The way the characters are telling such things sounds hilarious as they honestly have no limits or reservations on saying or doing even the most, hmmmm… awkward things.

Greek Mythology: Gods and Heroes Brought to Life was a very fun and interesting read for me! If you have a spare minute, I do recommend checking out this books as it’s a very modern and uniqye retelling of all the classic Greek myths!


Rating: 4 out of 5.

I have been given a free copy of this book via NetGalley. This in no means has influenced my opinion here.

Do you like Greek mythology? Are there any other Greek mythology books that you like? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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